Artesian Ben Smith, loves to build things out of wood. Vases, bowls, spheres—you name it, and Ben has probably built some version of it. But to call one of his pieces simply a “vase” or a “bowl” would not do it justice. A close look at the fine detail and complexity of his designs shows the work of a true craftsman.

Pieces of hollowed-out hickory nuts line the outside of some pieces, creating a pattern from their natural shapes. Ben has spent four days making just a decorative ring for a bowl containing ambrosia maple, cedar, walnut, and mulberry.

Other pieces of his work defy description and stand alone as works of art. A natural wood bowl or segmented wood vase can provide a distinctive and excellent gift option for a variety of special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, retirements, client appreciations, birthdays, and Christmas.


They will also serve to set your home decor apart providing a unique home decor piece that you will be proud to own and pass down to your heirs.

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